Teflon™ Coating for Industrial Molds

Why is Teflon™ Coating so important for Industrial Molds?

A mold acts as an exterior template for product or parts. In a typical molding process, materials such as liquid plastic and polyurethane are injected into the mold and it will flow into the entire cavity in order to form the final product shape.

Various complex parts have to act together to guarantee a reliable and repeatable process, shot after shot. That’s the main purpose of a mold and it is also where Teflon™ coating plays its bigger role.

The process starts when the machine injects the materials into the mold and the cavity is shaped exactly like the desired product or parts. After the materials are solidified, the two or more parts of the mold open up, allowing the product to be removed.

Teflon™ coated mold will ensure the product to be released easily, after each press of molding process. Leaving no residue behind, creating a solid perfect final product.

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