The Best Solution for Your Power Quality

Many industries require guaranteed power quality, because critical loads require a stable supply, while the network often experiences disruption, whether due to natural factors or other things. The problem usually happens due to regular electricity service which can cause sudden outages. The best solution for this is to use a Rotary UPS, either with flywheel or battery as backup power.

As the sole agent of Piller Power Systems in Indonesia, PT Arianto Darmawan assures you that if there are any power outages, our Piller Rotary UPS will function as a power conditioner and backup power when there is a transition from PLN to generator. Hence, you do not have to worry about anything regarding your system, production, or activity since it will run as usual.

Introduce you the UB-V Series UPS, Piller's latest generation of UPS. It combines cost-effective ownership with high reliability, efficiency, and power density through advanced self-diagnostics and a revised internal architecture employing a unique real-time. Its technology is based on proven techniques developed over several decades.

The expert design and operational flexibility of the UB-V series mean it is able to meet the specific challenges presented by a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. The flexible technology designed to efficiently manage power fluctuations and adapt to changing stabilization requirements, makes it suitable for ride-through in micro and smart grid applications as well as co-generation power conditioning.

Why choose Piller UB-V?

  1. High reliability, high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
  2. Kinetic or battery energy storage.
  3. Low and medium voltage versions.
  4. Integration with renewables and sustainable energy sources.
  5. Exceptional efficiencies.
  6. Lower maintenance.
  7. Bi-directional power for flow of energy back to grid or transfer or energy sources within micro grid.
  8. Reduced space.

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Rotary UPS Piller UB-V non-DC Brochure


Rotary UPS Piller UB-V 50Hz Brochure


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