Frequency Converters

For over 30 years Piller has supplied ground power systems for both military and civil applications. Through continual research and development of our products we guarantee a high level of flexibility in meeting clients' demands, however complex. 

In the field of 400Hz frequency converters, Piller’s ground power equipment such as APOJET AJS, APOJET AJR and APOJET AJT can be found in operation at major airports and military air bases throughout the world. Piller provides tailor-made solutions for each project. Through continuous research and development a high level of flexibility is guaranteed in meeting clients’ requirements. All Piller ground power equipment is designed and built to the highest quality.

Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter

5 kVA to 200 kVA Solid State Frequency Converter


The Solid State APOJET AJS static frequency converters designed to generate 400Hz power in workshops for aircraft equipment service or in hangars. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology and newest trends in the power electronics field and digital control, the system offers the best solution for aircraft ground power supply systems without any harmful harmonic distortion back into the mains.

20 to 380 kVA Rotary Frequency Converter


The Rotary APOJET AJR rotary frequency converter is designed to generate 400 Hz power for aircraft as a decentralised ground power system mounted on the apron or near by the rotunda. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology for the system control and several decades of experience in manufacturing of rotary converters, the APOJET AJR offers the best reliability for aircraft ground power supply systems with high overload capability and with absolutely no mains disturbance.


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