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Speciality Lubricants Meeting The Highest Requirements

Producing cement reliably and safely while reducing downtime is a continual challenge faced every day. Machines in the cement industry are subject to extreme operating conditions like high contamination, temperatures, vibrations and shock loads. Consequently, components such as the bearings and gears in the rotary kilns, mills, roller presses and crushers are incessantly subject to wear. These conditions make maintenance and repair of your machinery a very challenging task. Hence, selecting the right lubricant is essential.
We offer a range of speciality lubricants tailored to the needs of the cement industry that show their strengths particularly in critical applications. 

Lubricants for open gear drives
Many operators face the problem of abrasive cement dust entering the open gear drives. This accelerates wear on the tooth flanks and reduces the drive's service life. Our advanced transparent lubricants for open gears help remove this dust rapidly from the critical area to provide better wear protection.

Benefits of Klüber Lubrication transparent open gear lubricants:

  • Greater film thickness – even at higher operating temperatures resulting in better tooth flank protection
  • Good flow characteristics ensure clean gears
  • No blocking of the spray nozzles results in enhanced life of spray system and cost savings
  • Good vibration dampening
  • Reduced tooth flank temperature

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Speciality Lubricants meeting the Highest Requirements


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