The Teflon™ Brand: A Higher Standard of Performance and Quality

For more than 30 years, PT Arianto Darmawan has served Teflon™ Industrial Coating in Indonesia and we are a Teflon™ Licensed Industrial Applicator. Teflon™ is not working just as a coat. It stands for easy maintenance and cleaning, non-stick finish, and exceptional protection.

Products and Applications List

The Teflon™ product portfolio has earned a reputation for dependability and innovation. These products not only offer unique performance characteristics, but they also can increase uptime and productivity across diverse applications.

Teflon™ Industrial Coatings

Teflon™ Industrial Coatings

Food and Beverage Industry

Teflon™ Coating in Food and Beverage Industry

Textile Industry

Why is Teflon™ Coating so important in Textile Industry?

Chemical Processing Industry

Why is Teflon™ Coating so important in Chemical Processing Industry?

Industrial Molds

Teflon™ Coating for Industrial Molds