Sand Filter

Water Treatment Plants

Sand Filter is a water treatment unit which can efficiently decrease water turbidity. A graded quartz filling provides a very good filtration effect. Even a very small dirt particles will be filtered by the graded quartz. For easy cleaning and filter media changing, the water filter system is equipped with a manhole.

This water filter system is pressurized filter system with a large treatment capacity and also has an efficient backwash system.

The filter tank is made out of steel welded with a special welding electrode, complete with flow controlling valves. The tank interior is coated with a chemical resistant epoxy, while the exterior is painted with a special synthetic paint.

Our sand filter is equipped with a manometer to control system head loss so that it is easy to determine when the filter is to be backwashed. It also comes with an automatic controller for a fully automated system, while a multiport valve is also provided to be used manually.

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