Specialty lubricants for the Automotive Industry

Reliable and efficient operation

New developments in the automotive industry are made quickly, and the car of the future is subject to rising demands: it is to be greener, safer, and more comfortable. For many new developments and their onboard operation, one component plays a key role, the specialty lubricant.

As a manufacturer of vehicles and components, you trust the lubricant to reliably fulfill your and your customer's requirements during the lifetime of the car. Lubricant makes a major contribution to your success; high-quality specialty lubricants can help you reduce the risk of malfunctions and recalls.

Lubricants matched to your requirements and specifications

From engine and chassis, transmission and brakes to doors, window actuators, and sunroof: for all components and every application in the automotive industry, we have the right industrial lubricant for your requirements.

High-performance lubricants for the automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing and maintenance place very high demands on machines and materials due to continuous operation, high temperatures, and harsh operating environments.

Klüber Lubrication offers an extensive portfolio of suitable lubricants compatible with main paint types that maintain their lubricity even at high temperatures and with aggressive media in the system. They feature low residue formation and high ageing resistance, and they prevent contamination of the work pieces.

The Paintshop is one of the key processes in automotive manufacturing and it is the most demanding operation for the lubricants, hence the selection of proper lubricants is extremely important. Klüber Lubrication offers special lubricants for Paintshop operations which provide excellent lubrication properties even at high temperatures as 260 ˚C while reducing maintenance costs. Klüber Lubrication works closely with paint manufacturers to develop paint-friendly lubricants which help to reduce the re-work ratio.

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