Industrial Oven

Darmawan produces various types of industrial ovens according to customer needs. Industrial ovens are heating containers used for various industrial applications, such as drying, curing, or baking product components. Available for small or large volume applications, in batches or continuously with conveyor lines, across a wide range of temperatures, sizes, and configurations. The heater can be adjusted to customer needs, including electric heaters, gas burners, oil burners, and dual fuel burners.

Heating System:

  • Direct Heating System

The flow of hot air into the oven, which consists of an alloy of air and gas from the burner, is referred to as circulation from the furnace.

  • Indirect Heating System

This indirect system is needed when contamination occurs in the product. The hot air flow that occurs comes from the indirect heating of clean air circulation.

Industrial Custom-Made Machinery


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