A system of waste incinerator that is efficient and pollution free. With years of experience and continuous research, Darmawan produces incinerator units which are practical, economical, and pollution free. The incinerators will be designed and produced to the needs of every customers. Our gasification incinerators are perfect for pollution free waste elimination.

Characteristics of our incinerators:

  • Smoke and pollution free.
  • Waste outputs are free of bacterias so they can go  straight to a landfill.
  • Simple and easy maintenance due to our standard features.
  • Easy to operate. No training is necessary, the instructions are very simple.
  • Suitable for burning of many kind of waste including wood, cartons, rubber or plastic wastes, hospital / laboratory / clinic wastes, and other synthetic materials.

Efficient and Economical:

  • The design of our incinerator units produce an efficient burning process due to a controlled air system.
  • The fire position is designed so that reaches every waste being burned. Their results in an effective and complete waste burning.
  • Our units are compact and simple, they can be installed easily and inexpensively.
  • Our incinerators are environmentally friendly. The energy that is used can be saved through a hot reclaiming process.

Burning System:

The burning process of a gasification incinerator consists of 2 stages. The first stage is a gasification stage which occurs at a primary combustion chamber, and the next stage of burning occurs in the secondary combustion chamber. Both chambers utilize Weishaupt burners.

During the first stage burning is done through the addition of a certain amount of air so that the waste burned disintegrates into gas.

As the next burning stage, the gas is burned through a suitable amount of added air so that the burning process is perfect and smoke free. This next stage happens at a secondary chamber located above the primary chamber. The temperature of the secondary burning stage can be automatically regulated at 700 0 C to 800 0 C.


Our gasification incinerators are made of strong steel structure. To enable easy waste feeding, our incinerators are equipped with a wide steel door and a strong hinge and lock.

An additional  door  is provided for ash and waste remainder discharge.

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