Speciality lubricants for bearings

Smooth operation with the right lubricants

All mechanical components require special lubricants. The lubricants used have to meet both the requirements specific to the individual components and those of their various fields of application. Our speciality lubricants are suited to all the individual requirements, which includes minimising friction and wear, extending intervals, and thus considerably reduces costs.

Correct lubrication contributes to more reliable operation by providing enhanced bearing service lifetime. Klüber Lubrication has developed a wide range of high-quality special lubrication products that encompasses high-performance greases for extreme load conditions, food-grade lubricants for the food-processing industry, and others.

Speciality lubricants can do a lot for your rolling bearings:

  • extend bearing lifetime
  • increase the reliability of operation
  • lower the noise level
  • allow higher bearing running speeds
  • make bearings resistant to extreme conditions.

We have a close cooperation with OEMs and operators - lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are approved and recommended by many OEMs.

With low friction values and low-wear operation, high-performance lubricants contribute to energy saving reducing CO2 emissions. Longer relubrication intervals or even lifetime lubrication can help to reduce lubricant consumption with reduced oil disposal effects and decreasing the strain on natural resources with both maintenance and disposal costs reduced.

The right lubricants for your field of application:

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