WG5–40 Compact Gas Burners (Rated outputs: 43 - 2,390 MBTU/h)

Utterly reliable. Our compact gas burners.

The Weishaupt WG5–40 compact gas burners (43 to 2,390 MBTU/h)

The Weishaupt WG5–WG40 burners cover a considerable capacity range up to 2,390 MBTU/h. These gas burners represent the ultimate in reliability and safety – of particular importance to schools, hospitals, bakeries, and paintshops, but equally of benefit to all applications, including residential buildings large or small.

Energy saving

  • Excellent emissions

Low-NOx technology has been standard on Weishaupt W-series power gas burners for a long time now. Clean combustion and the lowest possible NOx figures have always been a focus, but – and this is crucial – key Weishaupt characteristics, such as reliable start behaviour, for example, or the same inspection intervals, also had to be maintained.


  • Universal application

The special matching of the flame geometry to the Heat generator's combustion chamber is every Weishaupt burner's recipe for success. It allows customized use on different heat generators, such as air heaters or steam boilers.

  • Quiet operation

The air inlet housing is sound attenuated, which results in a noticible reduction in noise Emissions.

  • Perfect electrics

The Combustion manager's integrated connection console and its coded and numerically labelled plugs leave no room for doubt. They enable components to be removed quickly, reduce maintenance work, and prevent connection errors. Simple and perfect!

System solution:

  • Futureproof

The W-FM25 digital Combustion manager with its optional Modbus/ field bus module offers the possibility of communication with other systems, enabling the burner to be integrated with building management and other automation systems. Industry standards, like remote control, monitoring, and fault diagnosis, are well understood by Weishaupt.

Weishaupt gas burner WG 5 to WG 40 (1.76MB)


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