Speciality Lubricants for the Food-Processing Industry

More than food safety

Lubricants for the food-processing industry are subject to a multitude of requirements:
They must comply with food regulations, be physiologically inert, neutral in taste and odor, and internationally approved. Lubricants for food machines also have to reduce friction and wear, protect against corrosion, dissipate heat and have a sealing effect. 

Food-processing manufacturers face many challenges. One of the challenges is to avoid contamination of food products during manufacturing and meet food safety requirements. In addition, they need to maintain machine efficiency and productivity without sacrificing the machine's performance. Therefore, we strongly recommend using NSF H1 lubricants in the food-processing plant.

H1 lubricants for best results
As the global lubrication specialist for the food-processing industries, we offer you a broad range of high-performance speciality lubricants with NSF H1 registration and certification according to ISO 21469. Most of these products are also Halal certified.

Klüber Lubrication supports its customers with digital solutions for Total Productive Management (TPM)
With these services, you can continually analyze the condition of your machinery, and you have an overview of the associated lubrication tasks and dates in a central location. The solution evaluates real-time sensor data, laboratory analyses of lubricant samples, and historical data. This gives you an optimal basis for highly efficient maintenance processes.

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Speciality Lubricants for the Food-Processing Industry


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