A water treatment unit which produces pure water using ion exchange resin. 

This unit is needed at industries which provide purified water such as pharmacy hospital, laboratories, painting processes and power plant. The output of purified water produced per regeneration cycle. Purified water capacity larges from 2000 to 200000 gram of CaCo3 or 0,5 to 120 m3/ hr.

Our demineralizer unit results in less than 1 micro – siemen purified water conductivity. The design of the unit allows for an efficient and practical backwashing process. A very practical and efficient regenerating process enables low cost operation, high quality purified water, and low regenerant consumption.

The Amberpack System

Darmawan is a license of Amberpack system from Dow Chemicals, USA, a leading produces of ion exchange resin in the world. Amperpack is as technology which utilizes ion exchange resin in a demineralizer system, in which service is …….  and regeneration is Dows flow. Amberpack uses a counterflow technology with a packed beat, with a simple and efficient backwash system with a high ion exchange capacity.

The Amberpack process is ideally suited to demineralize or soflen water when the most stringent treated water specification are required, even when the raw water contains suspended solids. The Amberpack system can be designed as a single or multiple compartment vessel.

The Amberpack Benefits:

  • Simple, compack equipment
  • Lowest cost of investment and operation
  • Outstanding treated water quality
  • Backwashing is part of the system
  • Lowest waste
  • Lowest regenerant consumption


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