Speciality Lubricants for the Oil and Gas Industry

Challenges Call for Solutions

Today’s challenges in the oil and gas industry are high and ever-increasing: They have to resist high pressure, wide temperature ranges, and long operating hours. These extreme circumstances are pushing rig components to the limit and maintenance intervals become shorter because of corrosion and wear.

One key success factor is the use of the right machine lubricant. Lubricants play a vital role in ensuring reliable and safe operation of your equipment thus contributing to your productivity and profitability.

Individual solutions for you
Klüber Lubrication offers various speciality lubricants for the reliable operation of your rig machinery – from the crown to the mud system, from the deck crane to the jacking leg. Kluber products are specially designed for gas compressorsvalves and fittingsthreaded connections, and all other rig components. 

Our speciality lubricants reduce rig downtime, extend maintenance intervals, and therefore increase safety, reliability, and machine availability. They have been created to withstand extreme conditions like exposure to heat, arctic cold, or various gases. The result is a higher power rating of your rig machinery, a better output, and lower costs.

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Speciality Lubricants for Oil and Gas Industry


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