Speciality Lubricants for Chains

Optimum lubrication for a long service life

Chains are important design elements for power transmission. Selecting the right lubricant is therefore paramount - for the initial lubrication by the chain manufacturer as well as for relubrication during operation. The right lubricant helps protect your chains effectively against premature wear and attain a longer chain life.

Chains serve a wide range of uses, e.g. as transport, drive, control or lifting chains. The roller chain is the most common chain design due to its versatility. They are highly stressed, as they run permanently in the mixed friction regime and are subject to high stress and impact loads. Hence, lubricants for chains must have a high-pressure absorption capacity and especially effective anti-wear characteristics, so that wear can be kept to a permissible minimum level despite the prevailing mixed friction conditions.

Malfunctions in the operation of a chain are rarely due to faulty design. Premature chain failure is mostly due to inadequate lubrication methods and wrong choice of lubricants.

Klüber Lubrication has been developing and producing special chain lubricants for many years. We use our own chain test rigs to test parameters such as antiwear effect, lubricant lifetime, and the lubricant’s usability at high temperature under realistic operating conditions.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum chain lifetime with the right speciality lubricant
  • Higher efficiency due to lower friction
  • Increased machine uptime due to reduced maintenance
  • Cost savings due to reduced lubricant consumption

The right lubricants for your field of application:

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Specialty Lubricants for Chains


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