To facilitate smoothly run business transactions, DARMAWAN invests in state-of-the-art showrooms, expansive storage warehouses, and optimized factory layouts. Branch offices in major cities allow customers to more easily reach us.

Facilities Arianto 1


Our state-of-the-art showrooms allow the clients to see the products produced by PT Arianto Darmawan. Not only custom-made machines, but we also display products from our partners such as Klüber Lubrication, Weishaupt Oil and Gas Burners, and other partners. 
Clients can immediately see the product's quality and get a consultation from our sales team to choose the best product for your company.

Facilities Arianto 2

Expansive Storage Warehouses

To support our supply chain, we expand our warehouses storage which can contribute to the greater productivity of our site. Having more space allows things to be done faster and more efficiently.

Facilities Arianto 3

Optimized Factory

To ensure all customers are satisfied with the quality and service of our products, PT Arianto Darmawan established an optimized factory located in Cimahi, West Java. All manufacturing processes from start to finish are carried out by our team in this factory.