Weishaupt Burners

Multiple energy sources, one requirement:

Reliable quality

Darmawan is Weishaupt Burner's sole agent. Weishaupt gas, oil, and dual-fuel burners have proven themselves millions of times over. They are available from 140 MBTU/h compact units to 109,000 MBTU/h industrial burners. 

Compact Burners

Weishaupt compact burners have been sold for decades and have proven themselves millions of times over. They are reliable, safe, and efficient. Their worldwide success is the result of a relentless focus on quality.

Product benefits: 

  • Exceptional reliability and operational safety
  • Efficient, economical, quiet
  • Very high-quality workmanship


WG5–40 compact gas burners

Rated outputs: 43 - 2,390 MBTU/h


WL5–40 compact oil burners

Rated outputs: 43 - 2,390 MBTU/h


WGL30–40 compact dual-fuel burners

Rated outputs: 240 MBTU/h to 1,875 MBTU/h



Large and Medium-sized Burners

Weishaupt burners are valued the world over for their solid design and excellent build quality. They are efficient and durable. They can be found on combustion plant in buildings, in industry, and in extreme special applications outdoors or on the high seas. That's reliability.

Product benefits:

  • Exceptional reliability and operational safety
  • Efficient and powerful
  • Very high quality and dependable workmanship for use under demanding conditions
  • Low emissions


Weishaupt WM-series monarch® burners

(185–41,000 MBTU/h)


Weishaupt 50–70-series burners

(1,700–40,000 MBTU/h)


Weishaupt WKmono-series burners

(up to 58,000 MBTU/h)


Weishaupt WK-series burners

(up to 109,000 MBTU/h)