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In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) is mandatory. To prove compliance with GMP guidelines, you need to have certified products. To support you in complying with the stringent Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, Klüber Lubrication offers lubrication solutions, which are NSF H1 certified, ISO 21469 certified and FDA compliant lubricants.

The control of contamination risks is a major issue in the GMP guidelines. Contamination means the intrusion of any undesirable materials into a product. To make manufacturing processes more reliable, H1 lubricants should be used exclusively. The H1 registered lubricant standard lays down hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture and use of lubricants that could have unintentional contact with the pharmaceutical product.

High-performance H1 lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

High-performance H1 lubricants help to increase productivity, reliability and economical operation of your machinery. Due to their excellent performance, the quantity of lubricants use can often be reduced. Exact dosage also supports compliance with the guidelines.

Each of the H1 lubricants was developed to make it optimally suited for specific application requirements. Depending on the application, the following characteristics were emphasised:

  • high resistance to ageing and oxidation
  • optimised wear protection
  • good corrosion protection
  • good water resistance for protection against wash-out during cleaning and additional anticorrosive effect
  • good load-carrying capacity

The result is a significant extension of the component life and much longer maintenance intervals, and depending on the application reduced energy consumption. In combination with KlüberEfficiencySupport the contamination risks in the pharmaceutical production can be minimised. 

We have selected a range of products that have proven successful in applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Read more for further information.

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