Liquid Analysis

Wide range of products for all applications

Today the components produced in the “JUMO analytical measurement” product line are represented in almost all areas of water/wastewater engineering. From highly-purified pharmaceutical water to measuring high concentrations of acids, lyes, and salts – and from drinking/swimming pool/aquarium water to process water – JUMO covers nearly all applications that apply to our steadily growing community of satisfied customers. Many of our products make their way into measurement applications throughout the world under our customers’ brand names. As a result, JUMO is a reliable OEM supplier and partner for professional customers.

  • JUMO electrode manufacturing
  • pH value and redox measurement
  • Conductive conductivity measurement
  • Inductive conductivity measurement
  • Membrane-covered sensors
  • Turbidity measurement
  • Multichannel measuring devices
  • Intelligent, bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors JUMO digiLine


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