Reliable automation systems with the highest levels of accuracy

However different the production processes in various industries may be, they all have in common that process variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, and level often need to be controlled with the highest levels of accuracy.

You will be sure to find the right controller for your application in the JUMO product range, which spans from inexpensive electromechanical and electronic thermostats to digital compact controllers and multichannel automation systems.

JUMO has been an established name in measurement and control technology for a number of decades. Throughout this time the company has continuously adapted its product portfolio in line with the latest customer requirements while focusing strongly on the various issues of individual industries Our devices, which are in use worldwide, are well known for their reliability. This is so despite – or quite possibly because of – the extreme conditions in which they operate.


  • Digital compact controllers
  • Electromechanical thermostats and contact dial thermometers
  • Automation system MTRON T


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