Teflon™ Coating in Food and Beverage Industry

Why is Teflon™ Coating so important in Food and Beverage processing?

Industrial products manufactured with Teflon™ fluoropolymer coatings have remarkable resistance to:

  • High temperatures
  • Chemical reactions
  • Corrosion
  • Stress cracking

Food and Beverage processing deals with issues like plugging, corrosion, and sticking, which can compromise efficiency and contaminate the product. The nonstick surfaces of Teflon™ fluoropolymer resist many stubborn food products, because any substance is hardly to stick to these coating. Components and linings coated with Teflon™ can:

  • Increase lifetime
  • Safeguard product purity (FDA Compliance)
  • Cut equipment maintenance costs
  • Enhances product’s quality

These benefits can be achieved because Teflon™ fluoropolymer materials can facilitate cleanliness, easy release, and non-contamination in food and beverage processing components such as valves, rolls, molds, hoppers and others. The properties of Teflon™ make it the preferred solution for improving the efficiency in Food & Beverage Processing that will also potentially improve plant productivity by 15 to 25%.


1. Basket

The nonstick and chemical resistance of Teflon™ make baskets last longer and decrease cleaning time.

2. Roll

Nonstick and easy to clean properties of Teflon™ result in perfectly shaped products such as cookies and other snacks. It also decreases downtime for cleaning.

3. Mold

The non-stick, easy to clean, abrasion resistant and temperature resistant properties of Teflon™ make it dependable to be used in mold, for example sugar mold.

4. Hopper

Teflon™ Coating gives an excellent non-stick finish which is easy to clean and prevents corrosion for hoppers.

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