Room Themostats

Type AMRc room thermostats are used in HVAC, in industrial and commercial premises, garden centers and stables for the control of heating /cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Room thermostats in the AMRc series operate on the principle of liquid expansion. A temperature change in the liquid-filled sensing system, which consists of probe, capillary and diaphragm, produces a volume change. The resulting movement of the diaphragm operates a microswitch through a lever mechanism.


  • Switching action
  • TR and TW

If the temperature at the probe exceeds the set limit, the circuit is opened through a snap-action switch. If the temperature falls below the set limit (by the switching differential), the switch returns to its initial position.


  1. AMRc-1 temperature controller TR switching point externally adjustable
  2. AMRc-2 temperature monitor TW switching point adjustable after removing case cover


Price: Rp 850.000

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