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Innovative tribological solutions are Klüber Lubrication's passion. Benefit from our expert consulting, our forward-looking developments and a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants.


Cement industry

High temperatures, continuous operation, loads by the ton and cement dust make for tough operating conditions in cement production. Cement Industry Lubricant made by Klüber Lubrication are used for many machines and systems in this industrial sector. 

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Food industry

Food indsutry lubricant for food safety

Lubricants for the food and beverage industries must be safe for the consumer while extending the lifetime of your components.

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Maritime and offshore industry

Special lubricants for extreme conditions at sea

Reliable equipment operation at sea is extremely important. At the same time, maritime conditions are extremely tough on ships and offshore equipment. By selecting the right lubricant, you will obtain long relubrication intervals and trouble-free operation.

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Well-knit solutions for your success

Textile machines and their components are subject to high stress and involves complex production processes. Constantly changing and often high loads, vibrations and varying operating conditions require tough equipment. Textile lubricant by Klüber Lubrication are made perfectly for this industry. 

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In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) is mandatory. To prove compliance with GMP guidelines, you need to have certified products. To support you in complying with the stringent Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, Klüber Lubrication offers lubrication solutions, which are NSF H1 certified, ISO 21469 certified and FDA compliant lubricants.

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